dinsdag 20 mei 2014

May 26th, Impact 2014

Here's just a quick heads-up. I will be attending the Impact 2014 Event in Uden (Netherlands) together with a bunch of friends, like Gerrie Schenck, and Maartje Giesbers, but also Peter from Scar's Miniature Madness and Michiel Coppens (Dwarf Slayer shown in the newest White Dwarf) will be present.
And ofcourse a lot of gaming, demos, stores, events and a lot more. Go check out the Impact page.

Drop by if you are in the neighbourhood and say hi!

zaterdag 17 mei 2014

Commission: Ogre Beastmaster, Part 2

Here's a quick update on the Ogre Beastmaster (but as I learnt it is actually called a Hunter...what's in a name?).

I have painted the cloak in a dark red (the sculpt is actually not that good, so I took it realy deep into the shadows to mask a lot), done the metal parts, and some quick work on the weapon.
Then I masked it all with tape and paper, and worked on the spider with an airbrush, which I think worked out really well. After that just some minor touch-ups to darken the shades, add hihjlights and just overall sharpen contrast.
And I managed to work on a first color sketch on the base with the wet-on-wet technique learnt from Massive Voodoo.

Next up: the vulture on the arm, and finishing the base.

And probably work some more on the wolf pelt. I am just not too happy about it...

zondag 11 mei 2014

Commission: Ogre Beastmaster, Part 1

I have not been updating my blog these couple of weeks, while I have been quite busy with all kinds of works. One of those I just started and have already posted a few pics of on Facebook.

A friend created this Ogre - what I like to call - Beastmaster, which really appealed to me. The placement of the spider really did a number here, as well as the bird on the arm and the nice conversion of the wolf pelt. And I really liked to paint it. He did not bother!

Here are the pics of the first day of work, working on the muscles and wolf pelt (which I may do over...I don't know yet!). And yeah, I already broke the bird off. Better like this, so I can reach the arm more.

And today's progress: bit of leatherwork on the boots - not much work there - gave him a glove to hold the bird (which I think was actually intended as a bare hand...!), did the bandages on that same arm, done the skulls and painted the metal parts black in preparation of the metallics. And oh yeah, I did a base coat on the cloak. Just to try it out if this was the right color. Must desaturate it though.