vrijdag 7 maart 2014

Malifaux: Hired Swords, part II

I finished the first three Malifaux models. I like them but they're not top of my game. Shouldn't be, 'cause they're gaming models, right? 

In the end the skin might have come out too dark in the faces. Also the eyes have been more than a pain in the ass for a couple of 'em. Ah, but I did have fun painting them!

Oh and yeah, I still need to do some detail work on some bases, I noticed I left out some dirt patches and stuff.

Can't wait to play my first game though...

zaterdag 1 maart 2014

Malifaux: Hired Swords, part I

I keep on being happily distracted from my big Nephilim project. My latest distraction is a Malifaux Crew, the Viktoria's Hired Swords. Ever since I saw James Wappel paint these babies up I knew I would paint them too. Well, that, and I am a sucker for cool chicks with swords. Or even a big hammer.

I decided to experiment a bit more with aibrushing. I have been brushing with a 5.0 needle all this time, and now I wanted to try out the 2.0 I also had. With this scale of models, this gave me great control in minute details. Sort of.

I painted the clothes first, that I wanted to do in a uniform color. I used a Vallejo dark bue (can't read the name on the bottle!) mixed with a drop of Vallejo Emerald for a first layer, then pure Emerald, and then added some white and grey to the mix. I topped it off with near-white with just a hint of emerald.
After that, I deepened the darkest shades with pure Black, and made a bit of blacklining where most appropriate. Lastly, II painted with pure white a couple of final highlights.

The skin was done with a (painted) basecoat of Vallejo Medium Fleshtone. Then I glazed the shadows with a mix of Medium Fleshtone and P3 Sanguine Base. The darkest shadow was near-pure Sanguine Base.
I started the highlights by mixing the Medium Fleshtone with Vallejo Basic Skintone, and after that gradually mixing in some white, ending with near-white highlights.

After that I repainted all other parts (except the hair...I still don't know why...) in a basecoat black.