vrijdag 27 juni 2014

Unboxing: Scale75 Kickstarter Sarah Kilmister

I just received my Sarah Kilmister package from backing the Scale75 kickstarter 'Steam Wars 2'. I don't usually do unboxing reviews but hell, why not for once?

First of all, before I got the package, there was a serious lack of communication from Scale75 that worried me and a couple of other backers. The production seemed to be right on schedule, but after a while people started to inquire. It seemed that the production of the Painting CD was delayed. It took more time than anticipated. No problem, I would think. But what bothered me was that there was no communication about this to the backers. At least, not until someone started to ask.
But none the less, the people of Scale75 were friendly and forthwith, and soon enough all parcels were shipped.

When I got it, at first glace it looked very professional. The big box with the model was nicely sealed in. A CD in a carton was added, as well as a sealing bag with the two extra 32mm models from the stretch goals. I would have liked to see some foam in there but the metal parts were in good shape.

The big box contained two separate boxes. Both very sturdy. In the first set I immediately found the brass etched cogs from one of the stretch goals. Great detail, that I didn't even notice on the site's pictures! Awesome.

After peeling the layer of foam, there were all the parts of the girl Sarah Kilmister. Including the alternative dreadlock-head. The casts look great. Not flawless, but at first glance I don't think I have a lot of heavy duty work to do. Very nicely done. I have heard less favourable stories about Scale75 castings...!

The second box was divided in two layers. the first, between two sheets of foam, were the bike parts. It was surprising to see that two parts are resin, and the rest is metal. But here as well: good casts. The front wheel does seem to need a lot of flash that needs removing.
Underneat that layer I found a big square base, and the parts for the gas pump. It contained a small sealing bag with tiny plastic parts for that pump.
Unfortunately there were no assembly instructions, so that might prove a challenge later...

At first sight, a pretty good quality product. When I start working on it, I will see how much work it actually needs, but still, I figure not overly much nor frustrating work. I think I am gonna put my skills to the challenge painting her, but I think it will be so much fun to do. I hope to have her finished by september and show her at the Scale Model Challenge....

I hope you liked this unboxing preview. Leave me a comment if you like!

dinsdag 20 mei 2014

May 26th, Impact 2014

Here's just a quick heads-up. I will be attending the Impact 2014 Event in Uden (Netherlands) together with a bunch of friends, like Gerrie Schenck, and Maartje Giesbers, but also Peter from Scar's Miniature Madness and Michiel Coppens (Dwarf Slayer shown in the newest White Dwarf) will be present.
And ofcourse a lot of gaming, demos, stores, events and a lot more. Go check out the Impact page.

Drop by if you are in the neighbourhood and say hi!

zaterdag 17 mei 2014

Commission: Ogre Beastmaster, Part 2

Here's a quick update on the Ogre Beastmaster (but as I learnt it is actually called a Hunter...what's in a name?).

I have painted the cloak in a dark red (the sculpt is actually not that good, so I took it realy deep into the shadows to mask a lot), done the metal parts, and some quick work on the weapon.
Then I masked it all with tape and paper, and worked on the spider with an airbrush, which I think worked out really well. After that just some minor touch-ups to darken the shades, add hihjlights and just overall sharpen contrast.
And I managed to work on a first color sketch on the base with the wet-on-wet technique learnt from Massive Voodoo.

Next up: the vulture on the arm, and finishing the base.

And probably work some more on the wolf pelt. I am just not too happy about it...

zondag 11 mei 2014

Commission: Ogre Beastmaster, Part 1

I have not been updating my blog these couple of weeks, while I have been quite busy with all kinds of works. One of those I just started and have already posted a few pics of on Facebook.

A friend created this Ogre - what I like to call - Beastmaster, which really appealed to me. The placement of the spider really did a number here, as well as the bird on the arm and the nice conversion of the wolf pelt. And I really liked to paint it. He did not bother!

Here are the pics of the first day of work, working on the muscles and wolf pelt (which I may do over...I don't know yet!). And yeah, I already broke the bird off. Better like this, so I can reach the arm more.

And today's progress: bit of leatherwork on the boots - not much work there - gave him a glove to hold the bird (which I think was actually intended as a bare hand...!), did the bandages on that same arm, done the skulls and painted the metal parts black in preparation of the metallics. And oh yeah, I did a base coat on the cloak. Just to try it out if this was the right color. Must desaturate it though.

vrijdag 18 april 2014

Skaven Blog part 17, and something 'unseen'

I have not been sitting idle these last few weeks. After five years of toiling, I have finished my Skaven collection. Well, the big bulk of it anyways.

Since the last unit I painted - the Rat Ogres - I noticed how the scale of painted vs unpainted models tipped towards the finished side. I saw that I only needed a big unit of Clanrats to finish, for my army to be ready for any regular game size. So I hurried to get that last unit finished.

And to do so, I decided not to paint them in batches of 10, but the entire unit at once.
I basecoated them with my airbrush in different shades of brown, figuring I could blend the skin tones and the fur tones from that base, but after a while I found the color of the flesh not warm enough, so I had to redo the flesh parts.

After a gruesom three weeks of production wise painting, I finished it. I'll have some good pics up soon.

There are still some minor elements - like weapon teams - that need painting, and I have the models to add a unit of Plague Monks, Censer Bearers and even a Cannon (these models I hardly use in games), but with the end of it so close, spirits are way up, and finally I can take the army around and show it properly.

This is an overall pic before the big unit was properly painted.

After that I finished up the last models for my Malifaux team - but am not proud enough of them to show.

However, I did just start with a new small funny idea, which I do want to share. I have had this Invisible Frodo model for ages. I want to have him in mid-invisibility, so here's what I got so far. Thanks to my friend Gert (Tyr) I want to retouch the eyes ("they are Disney eyes."), and have made a first clay sketch for the base. What do you think? (Don;t mind the terminator models in the background! Will post news on that soon enough!)

vrijdag 7 maart 2014

Malifaux: Hired Swords, part II

I finished the first three Malifaux models. I like them but they're not top of my game. Shouldn't be, 'cause they're gaming models, right? 

In the end the skin might have come out too dark in the faces. Also the eyes have been more than a pain in the ass for a couple of 'em. Ah, but I did have fun painting them!

Oh and yeah, I still need to do some detail work on some bases, I noticed I left out some dirt patches and stuff.

Can't wait to play my first game though...

zaterdag 1 maart 2014

Malifaux: Hired Swords, part I

I keep on being happily distracted from my big Nephilim project. My latest distraction is a Malifaux Crew, the Viktoria's Hired Swords. Ever since I saw James Wappel paint these babies up I knew I would paint them too. Well, that, and I am a sucker for cool chicks with swords. Or even a big hammer.

I decided to experiment a bit more with aibrushing. I have been brushing with a 5.0 needle all this time, and now I wanted to try out the 2.0 I also had. With this scale of models, this gave me great control in minute details. Sort of.

I painted the clothes first, that I wanted to do in a uniform color. I used a Vallejo dark bue (can't read the name on the bottle!) mixed with a drop of Vallejo Emerald for a first layer, then pure Emerald, and then added some white and grey to the mix. I topped it off with near-white with just a hint of emerald.
After that, I deepened the darkest shades with pure Black, and made a bit of blacklining where most appropriate. Lastly, II painted with pure white a couple of final highlights.

The skin was done with a (painted) basecoat of Vallejo Medium Fleshtone. Then I glazed the shadows with a mix of Medium Fleshtone and P3 Sanguine Base. The darkest shadow was near-pure Sanguine Base.
I started the highlights by mixing the Medium Fleshtone with Vallejo Basic Skintone, and after that gradually mixing in some white, ending with near-white highlights.

After that I repainted all other parts (except the hair...I still don't know why...) in a basecoat black.

woensdag 19 februari 2014

Skaven Blog, part 16 - Rat Ogres

I have been painting like crazy, but with a lot of fun, this last week. For a game I'm aout to play this weekend, I wanted to have my Rat Ogres finished.

Taking from what I learned from the painting class I did with Peter Zuidgeest a while back, I started the base skin tone with airbrush. Damn, that must have shaved off a couple of hours of work! after an hour or so of working with glazes after that, the skin was perfect for the next step, and I was actually relieved to see how little time it took to get this far already.

All WIP shots

This spurred me on to paint each day, even if only for an hour or so, and even while I was very ill from a cold. But it went even faster than I thought, finishing a part, like warpstone, or metals, or whatever, each day.

Until I managed to be done by yesterday. Well, not exaftly done, as I stil have to add the water effects - which are, like it or not, still gonna take some time. But for play, this is already enough!

Glad to see a unit of these big dudes done so fast, and still meet to my standard of good tabletop quality! I love em!