zondag 29 september 2013

Y'sala (and Darkness) WIP

When I was attending a model convention a couple of weeks ago (Modelbrouwers Beurs), I decided to paint a Studio McVey model I had still lying around: Y'sala and Darkness. Well, only Y'sala actually...

I have been in love with Studio McVey models ever since they started their own line. I managed to get me the prized and very sold out Ar-Finiel, but I also got me Y'sala and Darkness. The level of detail on the almost flawless cast is incredible!

Yesterday a couple of friends came over to paint, and I took it up to work on Y'sala some more. Still gotta do a rack on her back (don't ask!), and something funky with the end of her staff. And then ofcourse I gotta work on the beast that is called Darkness.

So whaddaya think so far?

woensdag 11 september 2013

Necron project part 5: Ghost Ark done

Finally, FINALLY the Ghost Ark is done.

It took me a lot of motivationla effort to finish it, and in the end it proves to fit very badly (probably due to paint in the joints). But well...I managed. Pic time!