dinsdag 27 augustus 2013

Skaven Blog - part 15: a quick Warlord/ Chieftain

I am really experiencing that having to paint for an event you attend to, is a GREAT motivator to get stuff painted! For a small tournament this weekend I decided to paint me a new Skaven Chieftain.

I used the Gamesday 2012 (?) model for this. Such an awesome model, and I am happy to get to work on it.
As I had only a week to paint, and a week full of busy-usy work ahead, I had to work fast and consistent. So I started today, set my mind to painting top table-top-quality (rather than high end display stuff) and that made that I have just finished. The model is now drying from a coat of matt varnish (it may show a bit on some pics), and tomorrow I can start putting on some water effects.

I am a member of a number of Facebook groups for painting and such, and I wanted to profile myself a bit more there. So I posted progress pics on various Facebook groups today, which I also show below. The amount of support I got on Facebook (ie. 'likes') really kept me going, so everyone reacting to my work: A big heartfelt 'thank you'!

With the first coat on the fur, I decided to go for a ginger - which I have never done before!

Next up was the robe in my typical army color

  Finished the warpstone bits here...

 ...but went back to add some bubbless in the vial, and refletion marks on the gem.

And this is where the metals have had their major work outs. Almost done...

And below are the final pics. No, no real fancy scribbly stuff, increadible freehands or weird patterns - I just want to keep it simple. But none the less, I have been extra careful to get a decent blend in the greens, with which I have been sloppy lately in my Necron project (shame on me).

As always: comments are very welcome, as is subscribing and such.

Stay inspired!