woensdag 12 juni 2013

Review on HiTech Miniatures 'Mortimer'

Recently I got surprised as I got an email from HiTech Miniatures, that I won a second price in a Facebook sweepstakes contest. I was sent a model of my own choosing, and I just received the package. Time for a review.

There were so many cool models, and as I have been pondering to start a new Dark Angels army, I thought of getting one of these models as a cool captain or Belial variant. But in the end I figured that that army would not get there anytime soon, so I just picked a cool model that could provide some new learning moments. I chose 'Archfather Mortimer'.

The carton box was securely packaged in a bubble wrap enveloppe. The box itself seemed sturdy enough, and a quick unwraping proved nothing got damaged in the mail.

I was immediately blown away by the great detail the model has. There were hardly any flaws - a few air bubbles but that was about it. Nothing broken, nothing missing.
The wings and the separate feathers do have a lot of flash, but that is never a problem. I am a biit worriied abouut the arms though: there is a huge chunk of resn I have to SAW off to detach the part from the sprue. I think that could have been thought over better?

A quick dry-fit proves that all parts fit nicely. The wings might need some gap-filling, but no biggie.

I am anxious to start painting this baby! But unfortunately, there are a few more projects going on first.

Transport: 8/10 - I would have wanted to see some bubble wrap inside the carton box too.
Detail: 9/10
Casting quality: 9/10 - the large amount of flash is actually reassuring. No moldlines whatsoever.
Fitting: 8.5/10 - I have not been able to test-fit the arms, and thus not the weapon either.

Total score: 9/10  

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