dinsdag 7 mei 2013

Hosted an 'advanced' workshop

I have been doing workshops in painting quite a few times now. But all of them were based on easy, basic skills for newcomer painters. Kiddy-stuff, if you will. But this time, I had the opportunity to host a workshop where I could delve into some more intricate topics. 

I was asked by a local gaming store to host this workshop for a couple of guys who play GW's Lord of the Rings game. They wanted to get their painting skills to the next level. I did a basics workshop with these guys a couple of months ago, which in fact made it easier this time, since now I knew at what level they were at.

I took the time and effort toplan this workshop really good. I picked my topics logically (for instance: don't fret too much on true blending skills, as they want their army painting skills to improve. So: teach 'em good layering techniques!). As I had access to the basic LotR Fellowship models for use in this workshop, chose two models with great care - Gandalf for the cloak, and Aragorn for his face. I have been talking and teaching about shadow placement, good layering, color use, and - very important - a lot of talk about using proper materials.

These guys were LOVING it. I could sense their involvement and curiosity just by hearing them frantically ask about everything. A good sign it is, when they keep asking for more info, more examples, more learning! In the end they really seemed to have learned some valuable bits. There is so much I can achieve in one day, but each one of 'em took from this day their own learning points, and all had a clear vision of the steps towards improvement.

And that, I feel, made my day!

vrijdag 3 mei 2013

Kirai Close Ups

On this gorgeous sunny morning I have set up my amateur photo studio in the garden, to use the daylight instead of lightbulbs. Below are some close up shots and a spinning model of Kirai.

And yeah, I know I have to touch up the black on the base...!

First a spinning model:

Next some stills. C&C is always welcome!

donderdag 2 mei 2013

From Malifeaux: Kirai - commission, part 4

When I get to the last few parts of painting a model, often I get bored because these last bits are things like pouches, belts, scabbards, etc. That's when I rush things and in the end make a sloppy job. However, the last few steps on Kirai have been awesome. 

First I painted her eyes and make-up - I am getting better and better at this, I love it! Female faces are so cool to paint!

Then I did the scissors. I started with a base coat of Boltgun Metal (GW), then shaded with a very thinned down Sanguine Base (P3). As a final shade I added a bit of black to the mix.

I had to make the pic this way, or else the light would flash weirdly off of the scissors...

As my customer wanted a freehand pattern on her dress, I was wracked with how to work it. The dress has so many folds, it would be hard to get anything across clearly. I was actually afraid of doing it, scared I would ruin the dress. But I got over myself, picked up the brush, and started to paint, not knowing how the pattern would end. And I think it turned out just great! Really subtle, in a consistent color tone, and fitting to the piece.

Then the hardest part: blood splatter. It is hard on account of two things: you have to get the splatter just right, or it looks weird, and you have to get the right color - not too red, not too dark.

Halas, I have not yet made pictures of that! Nor of the final bits on the base: the flagstones, the dirt, the little bit of tree stump. All that I will show tomorrow, after I have taken some (hopefully) decent foto's in my studio.

woensdag 1 mei 2013

From Malifeaux: Kirai - commission, part 3

I finished the base of Kirai, just enough so that I could put an undercoat on. I have started painting Kirai feverishly, it almost seems. I met with some friends (Gert d'Hollander and Peter Zuidgeest) and we did a good day's work.

I was wondering about what color scheme  should use. First, I wanted to do a white dress. This would make the blood splatter I intend to do come out more. But then again: a big white dress would create a big colorless void. So I took another look at the original artwork (see left), and actually really liked those colors.

(note: for the next part, I use a lot of GW colors, but there's a lot of 'em old colors, and a few of the new ones!)

I started with a yellow-ish tone, a mix of Yriel Yellow (GW) and Camo Green (GW). For the shading I graduately  added Dark Flesh (GW) to the mix. For highlights I used the orginal mix, and added Rotting Flesh (GW) and later on Skull White (GW).

For the Jade colored robe I started with a mix of Hawk Turquoise (GW) and Camo Green. A single layer shading was done by adding Sanguine Base (P3) - Thanks again, Peter! - while doing highlights by adding Skull White.

I also worked on the skin. A layer of Sunny Skin Tone (Vallejo) was basic. Again, I added Sanguine Base for shading, and Skull White for highlights. My friends remarked (probably rightly so) that her skin was more caucasian than asain, but I feared that if I went too yellow-ish or brown-ish in the skin tone, it would blur with the yellow of the dress.

Lastly I put on a base coat of Charcoal Black (Vallejo) on the hair. But I am now pondering to do a kind of stark white hair. It could add to the weirdness of the model, but on the other hand: black hair will really bring out the paleness of her face. What do you think?

Still to do: find a suitable freehand pattern for the dress.