dinsdag 26 maart 2013

Skaven Jezzails

I am on a run of sharing what painting I have been doing these last few months that I have been idle on the blog. Part IV - the final part.
These SKAVEN JEZZAILS are going to be my main entry at the Fang Painting Competition. Or at least: this is the one with the most work in it. And 'most work' is not always a good thing...

I had once seen a nifty conversion for Skaven Jezzails, using Kroot weapons instead of the ordinary metal (or Fineast) models. This was doable.
Originally I wanted this unit to fit in with my regular army, and so the rats themselves had to fit the bill too. The old original (monkeyrat) models just didn't make the cut, so I used models from the Island of Blood starter set.
But as I went on converting, I realized I would probably never play them, as I think they are too costly to be played - however cool they are as models, and in the game.
So they have been lying around for a while, until I figured this would make a great Unit entry at the competition.

Now it was lots of work. I had to cut and sculpt entire arms to fit the hands on the guns. Next, those Kroot hands are just plain weird, missing one finger on the front, and - as I discovered later - two thumbs on the other side! I had to sculpt the missing digits too. To 'Skaven it up' I added some cogs and bolts and made a fine steam punk look.

Now the shieldbearers had to undergo some work too. I completely made the shields from scratch. Sculting the woograin on the front was a real b*tch. I should have gone with mere painting the grain as I did on the back. But luckily it still looks cool.
Then I used some ordinary Slaves/ Clanrat models - they were ideal for this.

I wanted to work some more with color theory, and before I set out to painting, I had a real long thought on what colors to use. As I wouldn't be using them in my army anymore, I could deviate from that painting scheme (reds) all together. Instead, I want the unit to stand out amongst other Unit entries on that table at the competition, so I chose a bright blue. Using color wheel theories, I came up with some complimentary colors - browns/red/purples, and yellow/bone-tones.
There were times I wanted to use other colors, or even wanted to quit the unit, but thankfully my friend Gert kept me on the path.

Below is the final result. I'm quite happy with them. I learned some new tricks, and gained some more XP :)
Now just wait to see what this does at the competition...!
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maandag 25 maart 2013

My first Elf

I am on a run of sharing what painting I have been doing these last few months that I have been idle on the blog. Part III.
I have never painted a Lord of the Rings model by Games Workshop ever. Well, not in a good quality at least (I may have been doing some demo models once...). With the coming The Fang Painting Competition, I thought it would be about time I'd handle one of them.

The trick is however, that there are only so much great models from that range usable for a painting competition. I just don't think you can show u with a mere standard Moria goblin, or such. Then again, the models that ARE nice, are ones that have been used over and over and over again. Gandalf, Eowyn, Elrond, Galadriel...those ones.
So I have been really looking for a model standing out (or able to make stand out). At first I fond some cool character models, but then I fond that the casts were awefull. And then I saw the standard Elves from the first batch of plastic LotR unit. Here we have a standard Elf in armour, with a sword. Now this could be a challenge! The detail is great (except for the face though!), the pose promising...

Well, it wás a challenge. Not much more to say about it actually. Was cool to do. Not too fond of the freehand on the back (excet for the Elvish scribbling), very proud of the blending. Will probably be my last (LotR) Elf too...

zondag 24 maart 2013

Lazy Dwarf

I am on a run of sharing what painting I have been doing these last few months that I have been idle on the blog. Part II.
Once in a while my friends and me have a miniature exchange. During one of those exchanges, one friend came up with one very peculiar model. And everyone got one of those to paint.

This is model from Scibor Miniatures, one of the specials I guess. It depicts a dwarf floating somewhere with an inflatable band on. Somuch fun.
The cast was good, detail  awesome, but the design is somewhat flawed in my opinion: on the right arm side, where the arm, belly and rubber duck meet, there is a gap that is near impossible to reach, yet can be made very visible to the eye. It took great care, planning and a lot of swearing to get it right.

On to pics!
I have been using what I learned from Mathieu Fontaine a lot here, especially on the skin.

As the model itself was pretty ridiculous, I wanted to do a base that would even further the ridiculousness of the piece. So I depicted it in a modern day public swimming pool. I Remembered Fontaine's words "how much do you need to tell a story?" I placed only a small portion of the rim of the pool, with those kind of straight up tiles along, and warning lines saying "NO DIVING". Immediately everyone recognizes the place, the setting.

I'm not overly fond of the water effect. I think I finished it too hastily - hell, I lost interest along the way. However, I am very excited about the inflatable duck. The texture and coloring is just perfect, I think. It really depicts one of those really cheap inflatables.
I had fun with the tatoos - I hardly ever do tatoos, so this was a learning experience as well. Did I do the best job? Meh. Did I have fun? HELL YEAH!

A fun fact: I have tried a ton of ways to paint the foam on the beer mug, and each and every one more elaborate than the other. None of them seemed to work. So in frustration I gave up and went for an easy escape. In the end that was exactly what I wanted it to look like. This made me remember other Fontaine wisdom:

"Don't try to fuck an ant in the ass."

Tomorrow more pics of The Fang Painting Competition entries.

zaterdag 23 maart 2013

What the HELL have I been doing?

Well, it was about time I posted something here again. It is not that I have been sitting idle. On the contrary, I have been working on some entries for the Dutch/ Belgian 'The Fang' painting competition, organised by the local GW stores. Yes, this was formerly called the Lowlands Painting Competition. Don't bite me, I didn't come up with the new name...

In the next few days, I want to give some insight in what I have been working on. Today I'll show you the piece I am working on at this moment. This is the Chaos Lord from the Warhammer 40,000 Dark Vengeance starter set.
Despite all you can say about GW, I am still amazed by the level of detail these snap-fit models have. It is truely a joy to paint.
These pics have been taken with my phone. Soon enough I'll show some better pics.

I have been keeping the color palette somewhat equal to the way it was painted on the box. I really enjoy the cold-warm contrast in this.
I wanted to experiment with texture on the cloak. It's pretty tough to do the stippling and keep a form or reality, not have it look too much like mere dots.

Still need to do work on the plasma gun (damn, I find that gun ugly. I should have chopped that one off, and replace it with a cooler gun, or maybe even replace the entire hand!), and I have already made a start on the display base.

Thanks for IKEA table legs ^^

To all Dutch and Belgian painters following this blog: who's going to the Fang Competition? Wanna have a meet-up?