zaterdag 16 februari 2013

Starting on a relaxing Dwarf

With work sucking up my hobby time, me spending any left over hobby time on Borderlands 2, if I do set myself to some painting, it is mainly working on a couple of entries for coming painting competitions. Soon, I will post some pics of those, but not just yet. Just to keep this blog a bit alive, I just prepped a fun model. 

This is a Scibor Dwarf, floating around in a inflatable swimming duck thing. As the theme is so ridiculous, I thought that I'd place it in a bit of ridiculous setting as well: just your ordinary modern day swimming pool. I remembered a lesson learned by Mathieu Fontaine: how much do you need to tell a story. So that is why I have created a really small bit of the edge of the pool, just enough to see the modern day swimmong pool tiles on the floor. I can already imagine reading the text '1.20 M'  or 'no diving' on the rim there. Probably the latter.

I will fiinish the model off with some rippling watereffects after painting is done. I'll keep you on the loop!