maandag 16 december 2013

Review: Massive Voodoo Painting Class

Oh...My ...God! Last weekend could hardly be any better. Massive Voodoo came to the Netherlands to host a Painting Class. Here are my thoughts...

On friday late in the afternoon, just over two dozen painters came together in Sprang-Capelle to be taught by Massive Voodoo's Roman Lappat and Peter Toth.This were to be three long days of hard study, lots of painting, and learning heaps.
The participants were very diverse: I have seen painters who cme from the Historics side of the hobby, but also a Golden Daemon winner, a scenery webshop owner, a professional commission painter, hobbyists, beginners, advanced and masters alike. And everyone was creating high quality goods. I was thouroughly impressed by what everyone took from the classes. And EVERYONE did learn something!

We were a bit cramped now and again, but other than that, the accomodation was perfect. We had a different room for the presentations, and then another one for lunch and dinner on saturday (whch were very well provided as well).

During the weekend we have seen a lot of disciplines of figure painting: from basing to color contrast, from painting metallics to using pigments, and from using different paints to using different materials for you base.
As one who had also followed a workshop from Mathieu Fontaine, a lot of the theories were actually already known to me. Yet, there were still things I either forgot, or learnt anew. At least it posed no problem to me. But just to see how the theories were new for others and how they reacted, learnt and worked with it, really made my day. What's better than the enthousiasm of someone who has just learned something new?

At the end of the weekend - where we were all feeling the effect of long days and little sleep - we all had absorbed so much information, and nearly finished a great looking daemonette on an fitting base. I was impressed at the high level of everyone's piece! A joy to look at. Great respect to you all!
Here some early pics from most of them:

And massive respect to Roman and Peter, who have been guiding us with such a positive, educational, but mainly inspiring hands through the course of the weekend. I was impressed at how they made each one of us belong there. Everyone mattered, they did not place themselves above us. That made talking to Roman or Peter very relaxed, open, friendly, and natural. Atop that, they have great eye (thanks to their experience) for every individual learning curve, seeing where to push one person, and where to guide the other.

Thanks so much to Gert and Jurgen for making this happen, and ofcourse to Massive Voodoo for coming over. Hope to see you guys soon again!

the endresult for this weekend - better pics come later, thanks to Patrick (Scenery Workshop)

- Everything happens for a reason. Although sometimes it's just gravity -


woensdag 11 december 2013

Necron Project part 7: a quicky

am STOKED for the weekend: I'm gonna follow a workshop with MASSIVE VOODOO here in the Netherlands. Oh and I also did a bit of Necron paint work.

Seriously, I am really looking forward to this weekend. Not 'just' because it is Massive Voodoo, and the chance to learn and improve, but also for the fun, the stories, the sharing experiences and tips with all the guys and girls attending.
Also for meeting up with friends that I have not been with enough these last few months.
Also because Damien Pedley is coming over as well, joining us there, and finally I get to look into his face when I yell out "Ribbit" (sorry, that's an inside joke!).
Also for the chance to meet and be inspired by some other talented people from around here.
So yeah....can't wait 'till it's friday...

In the meanwhile, I'll just leave this here:

zaterdag 30 november 2013

Necron Project part 6: The wooden wheel

I have found time to finish some more Woodcrons!

I know these Necron Tob Blades are rarely seen in tournament play, but I just love the models. I am always imagining the sounds from the space ships from the Jetsons when holding these Tomb Blades. :)

Then again: I seem to have invented the wooden wheel here again!

zondag 17 november 2013

Baby Angron

My friend Gert (Tyr) and his wife have recently become proud parents to a healthy baby boy! Inspired by how the guys from Massive Voodoo create pieces for eachother (remember 'Maestro' by Roman Lappat?), I felt I had to make something for my buddy too.

Gert himself gave me the idea, by posting a like on Facebook of this company Legendarion, who have made baby versions of the Warhammer 40K Primarchs. One of those is made to look like Angron. And as Gert had just fiinished the Forgeworld version of Angron (with a lot of pain, sweat and tears), I thought it appropriate as a gift. Fully painted ofcourse. In (roughly) the same scheme as the painted Forgeworld version (gold armour instead of the red you see in the drawing).

With my renewed inspiration to do better (read this article), I set myself to go the full mile painting wise (I admit, I may have done better with the base, but I wanted it to finish on time). And it was a great joy to see that it worked.

Congrats again Gert and Jose, may your little Lars grow to be an inspiration for the world!

Here's the finished work (pics made with phone!)

dinsdag 5 november 2013

Review: Painting Class Zwolle

I really like showing people how I paint models, in order to help them improve and find their own way, their own inspirations. Maybe that's why I'm also a teacher...

On the 2nd of November I held a painting class workshop in Zwolle. A friend asked me to help him improve his painting, and I asked him: why not gather a bunch of people and I'll give a worshop? And so he did!

I have done small workshops, demo's, etc before, but a workshop like this, this was just the second time. Even though I am pretty confident, I made sure to get a decent preparation to give the students exacly what they need and expect from this class. But also, I would be focussed to see what I could improve for a next time.

The students arrived (fairly) on time, and immmediately there was a very friendly, cozy ambiance where jokes flowed freely, but also focus for some serious learning. And exactly that was happening abundantly!
It was great fun and very satisfying to see everyone really growing in confidence and skill. After the workshop I was very much assured that this group would continue to grow very fast after this point.

Sometimes one just needs a push over a certain speedbump, where he cannot get over himself. I just gave a hand to get over that, and now the learning is up to them.

I really had a blast (even though I paid for the food from the money I just made!), and I'd gladly come back to see if we can get further a next time.

A next workshop is already in planning. On saturday November 16th I will join Peter Zuidgeest (Scar's Miniature Madness) to do a combo workshop on airbrush and brushworks in Eindhoven (Netherlands). We may not get enough participants to have it continue this time, so if you are willing to join, do so now! Check out THIS LINK for more information.