maandag 15 oktober 2012

Scale Model Challenge

I have visited the Scale Model Challenge last weekend. Together with my new painting buddies (organized into the ''Lage Landen Schildervrienden" - or "Lowlands Painting Friends") Gerrie Schenck (Corvus Miniatures), Maartje Giesbers (MaGie) and Gert d'Hollander (Tyr), we installed ourselves behind a desk, painted a few models, and entered the painting contest.

Now to get a clear picture: this event originated from the military modellin hobby - so loads of WWII stuff, tanks, subs, aeroplanes and a *&^(*-load of German officers. In the six years since, the SMC has been able to attract even 'heroic scale' artists from over the world.
At this event, three of the Massive Voodoo team were present, as well as some other big names in the sculpting and painting world of historic figures that I have never heard of (but then again: I am horrible with names!).

Maartje coninced me to enter my Space Wolf duel into the painting competition. I had to place my piece into the 'vignettes' category, and after all models were present, I saw I was the only heroic scale model in the group. Yikes, it seemed so out of place!
Just to paint a picture: in ALL the categories, there were NO models that did not look awesome. Everything - literally EVERYTHING was of great quality. We noticed some Slayer Sword and Golden Daemon winners among other ategories, and still there was room for competition! So this painting event has earned my respect to the level of quality.

But then they started to hand out the medals, I was thoroughly surprised to hear my name after "...and a GOLD medal goes to...". WHAT THE H....??? Gold?

Needless to say that I was humbled and honored to achieve this award, and it has really fixed my mind again towards some great painting competitions next year. ONWARDS!

left to right: Maartje Giesbers, Gert d'Hollander, me (Pascal Rooze) and Gerrie Schenck

Even more good news: I have been working on Ar-Finiel (by Studio McVey), a model that I have been afraid of painting, in fear of ruining her. But then, all of a sudden, I painted the hll out of her. She's not nearly finished, but here are some WIP pics as previews. Not very good pics tho!