dinsdag 11 september 2012

Necron project - Part 4: Of workshops and clinics, and bases.

 I told you: baby steps. Man, my new job is demanding a lt of my time. So much so, that I hardly come to do some hobbying.

And then, when I do get to have a spare saturday, I plan a painting clinic in my local gamesstore. Now, I can here a lot of you say: Painting Clinic? What is that?
In the past I did some Painting workshops there, where I would be teaching some kids certain techniques, or generally how to paint. These always revolved around a certain theme (like 'NMM', 'Painting Tanks', 'How to do faces', etc). Now the thing is that if you just are not ready yet for some techniques, or the theme was not in your line of interest, you just didn't show up (or you'd be there wasting your time).

This time, I'd figure I'd have announced that I would be painting in the shop, and for any and all who would like, were welcome to join me. These kids could watch me paint, but more importantly, I'd help them out with whatever they were stuck with. And since it was their problem, on their level, in their interest, they'd know they wouldn''t be wasting their time.

It was a BLAST! There were ar more kids - and some older guys too - than I'd imagined. So I hardly came around to the bit where I would be painting myself. Instead, I was hopping around the place checking up on the progress here, giving some tips there, and generally making sure everyone got to learn something new.
I had a great time - it's always fun to see someone be amazed by what they can do themselves, if they just get the right push. I got some great  responses from the participants back, and I am sure I will be doing this again in the future. And I am sure those kids will be there as well.

As far as the Necron project: I managed to paint the bases for the first unit of Immortals, and the Tomb Blades, and also did the base color for the wooden armour plating bits.

And oh yeah: Look what I found a while back. These are dried bodkin leaves. Even though you could buy these in various colors on the net, I finally found a site near my work where this is just lying around there for  grabs. It's a bit of work to sift the leaves from the dirt, but nothing too hard. These will make great autumn dropped leaves on display basing, and it saves a bunch of cash!