maandag 30 juli 2012

Dark Angels for sale

Yes, it is true. After a couple of years building and painting this collection of models, I decided to get rid of it, and start something new...

But first things first: to get rid of the Dark Angels. Some background perhaps?
As a former fanatical Fantasy player, I started this 40K army as a bit of a joke. I wanted to start with an army as cheap as possible, and so with as few models possible. And ended up with 3 units of Deathwing terminators and a Landraider. And in that time, it was all intented as a joke, with way too much and intricate freehands and painting skills, but hardly any of the gaming inuendo added (yes: I really sucked at playing).
Over the years, the joke became more serious, adding some common tacticals to the mix, and before long I had quite a collection of Dark Angels, Deathwing and Ravenwing units. And all the while I felt that the army had to have that overabundance of artwork, which I felt worked just fine. And it did, considering the many cool, wonderfull and fun remarks I have had during the way too few games played with them.

But now, after some three, four years, I look back upon it and see my nown flaws from that time. And I see how different I would have done it now, probably. Not so much on the artworks itself, but more on the normal work - the armour plating, the battle damage, the standard marines, ... So it is becoming more a creative hold-back, than an inspiration to go to newer hights.

Luckily I have already set my creative mind to a new 40K project. And alas, it will again contain a cynical smirk towards those 40K players that take themsellves too serious. But for another time!

I'll show some pics down here.

*UPDATE* This army is sold already. Happy tiding to it's new owner!

zaterdag 28 juli 2012

Legion of Damned commission finally done!

It is finaly done! The Legion of the Damned commission I did is finished with these last few units. These are a small unit of bikers with an attack bike, a command group with banner (loved doing the banner!), and a Librarian, that actually was not intented for this army (so no flames on him!). Enjoy.

Tomorrow, I will post some big news. Well, big news for me tho! Lots of pics!

zaterdag 14 juli 2012

Belial the Third, Master of Deathwing

I have had a weird day. It seems I just finished a marathon of 15 hours (almost) non-stop painting. I began work on  the Belial model (my third configuration) yesterday morning, and I just could not stop myself! I only took breaks for nourishment, and sleep, and finished the last small bits just now.

And Belial is done. Well, except for some snow, that I do not have right now. Now this is just meant to be a gaming model, so no too fancy techniques and jazzmatazz. And sorry for the quick iPhone pics.

I think this is the coolest Belial I have done...

donderdag 12 juli 2012

LOADS of new pics

Wow - this has been a hectic month. I graduated and got my teachers degree, hosted and attended a few parties, and in between have been able to do some painting as well.

I finished that damned Isabella model. Now this guy it's for has asked me to do the Vlad von Carstein model that comes in that blister as well, but I respectfully declined...I want to get my hands on a gorgeous model again soon, and that one is not it!!!

Also I made some progress on a still ongoing comission of the Legion f the Damned, two squads of terminators this time. I found that the way I did the black armour took too much effort, and so I found a much faster, much easier way, with nearly the same result.

Finally, I started to fumble around with some bits, got inspired by THIS model by Damien Pedley, and as I am preparing for Throne of Skulls next week, I created a new Belial model with Thunder Hammer (as I did not have one of those yet!).
I sculpted all the robes, tabbard etc myself. For the tabbard I made a mold of the tabbard from the Grey Knight Terminator set, and used that as a base for mine. With the hammer I wanted to do the elongated version as you get in the Grey knight Terminator set. I also added some home made purity seals, with thanks to a tutorial I cannot remember by who.:(
Well, off to painting now, gotta have it done by next week!