dinsdag 28 februari 2012

Tutorial: Flames & Squad Markings

Well hi there. I have been working on this Legion of the Damned-commission again, and have een painting the Assault Squad. While I was doing this, I thought of all those Beginner and Intermediate guys (and gals) who ask me to explain how I do my freehands. Since this army is full of (easy) freehands (the flames, and the squad markings), I'd give an insight in my work. 

Now first remember that this is tailored specifically on the flames and assault squad marking for this army and unit, so it is made at tabletop quality - not the stuff of Golden Daemons!!! So if you are a beginner, or are just struggling with flames, or freehands in general, this might make a good excercise. If you already know your way around a brush, then this might seem easy peasy to you (and yes: for you guys it is).

Some tips before painting:
- Make sure your paint is nice and wet. About 1 part paint and 2 or 3 parts water should do the trick. Especially when you need to draw a very tight line, the paint shouldn't be too thick.
- I used brushes with good tips, size 0, and 3/0 for the finer lines. Just make sure your brushes have awesome pointy tips, that's  the key!
- Be patient! If yo rush your work, it will show. This requires that you have a steady, unwavering hand. Rushwork will show in the not-so-straight lines, bended lines, or wavery lines, where everthing should be straight, or smoothly flowing.
- In the finer linework: better to draw one line each time you dip your brush, than to have too much paint in your rush just to be able to draw more before needing to dip again. More paint in your brush makes your brush draw broader lines!

Let's start with the Flames:
1. Outline the flames in Mechrite Red. Make sure you get nice pointy tips!!!

2. Fill in the flame shapes with Mechrite Red.

3. Add a layer of Blood Red -  start just a litte up from the bottom, all the way up to the pointy top. Your previous layer(s) will make the shades. KEEP THAT TIP SHARP!

4. Do the same with Blazing Orange, but start even higher up.

5. ...and the same again with  Fiery Orange...
6. ...and one more layer with Golden Yellow.

7. Now finish with a fine outer line made of a mix of Golde yellow and Skull White. This line really defines the flames, so draw tight!

Here's how I did the Assault Squad Marking:
1. First, draw a cross. Make sure it is a cross that would be in a perfect square - more or less. This is done with Mechrite Red. 
2.  Next, draw arrow tips on each end of the cross. Make sure these small lines align with eachother (keep them perfectly horizontal and vertical)

3. Make little triangles of the arrow tips and fill them in.

4. Now broaden the cross lines, and create the full shape of your marking.

5. Here I added a coat of Blood Red. Notice how I left just a little bit  of Mechrite Red on the bottom part  to define the shadow side.

6. I add a coat of Blazing Orange only on the top right half of the marking. This brightens the shape some more, and defines shadows again.

7. Now I define highlights (or: edges) with Fiery Orange. I imagined that the light would come from above and to the right, so make sure you paint the right edges.

8. I draw these edges again with a very fine detail brush with a mix of Golden Yellow and Skull White. All done!

I hope anyone has found this usefull. Do not hesitate to ask any questions about this, or to leave any remarks. Always nice to hear from my readers...

zaterdag 11 februari 2012

St. Celestine done!

Well, she's all finished now. And I am almost sad, as I really enjoyed painting her. But as with all good things, it has to come to an end.

I had another conflict with the basing. I initially started with a brownish color, but in the end it turned out completely wrong, too dark, and it blended too much with the armour of the model itself. So I did the whole thing over, in a more traditional scheme of blues and greys. I added some flowers oon the base, the same as on the sword, and thought it a cute addition. Then I finally took some pics in the studio. Enjoy!

vrijdag 10 februari 2012

St. Celestine,WIP part 3

After quite a couple of hours of intense work, St. Celestine is almost finished!

I just wanted to share these pics, before I am finished, and will get some more decent photos with my studio - I think a black background would do wonders.
I have been toiling with the cape, to be honest. I have been going back and forth on the red, adding highlights, getting shades back, changing the overall tone by glazing....I think I have seen four differnent tones of red passing by, but finally I got one I was thoroughly happy with.
I added a simple delicate freehand to it - I wouldn't want to waste the color too much with too many scribblings and such, and in honesty: I don't know if it would fit the model.
All that is left is the base, which will be done later today, and then...PICS!

...and getting paid...

maandag 6 februari 2012

St. Celestine,WIP part 2

Just a quick update. 

I finished the sword (did it twice, as I didn't like the first try), the flowers, the dove, the hair (all the other Sisters in this guy's army have white hair too), the censer on chain, and the Halo/ Backpack.
All that's left is some freehand on the white skirt, and the entire cloak. Working on that now!

zaterdag 4 februari 2012

St. Celestine, WIP

I have been quiet for a while, but that doesn't mean I have been sitting idle. I have been working on some projects, that I am not gonna share just now.

I am steadily in preparation for the Dutch/ Belgian "Lowlands" Painting Competition, and as steady readers might know, I have a title to defend. Usually I am not so secretive about my work, but for a few of these projects, I am keeping some competitors in the dark about that for now. A bit  of a spoil? Unsporting? Yeah, well, I treat people as I am being treated, I guess. Not to worry, I will show those thing soon enough!

What I WILL share though, is another commission I am doing in name of the Winged Brush Co. For a good friend, who has finally finished his Sisters of Battle army just a week ago, I am painting his very last model, the Saint Celestine. That is SUCH A COOL model, I am thoroughly enjoying it, and really taking my time. And it is paying off. Have a look at the first WIP pics, taken after two days of pleasure.