dinsdag 24 januari 2012

Continued on Sigvald WIP

This model has me in it's grip. Seriously. I have been pondering all day about painting it further, and was glad when it was evening, when I was able to.

I had to do the left (right for viewers!) shoulderpad all over again, since I saw one HUGE moldline that I could not by any means disguise. So, it was scraping off paint, cleaning the pad, and repaint. Thank God I got White Primer paint (Vallejo) so I didn't have to basecoat the whole thing again.

Next up were hair and gold bits. Then I was pondering the color of the cloak. I could do something like a light purple, or even pink, to bring out the Slaanesh theme, or do a cold color, like blue, as a contrast thing. But both options led me to believe that it would turn this model to that 'freakishly weird scheme' I mentioned in my previous post. I regarded the base color (white), and it all fitted: the cloak and loincloth were to be spotless white, like a table sheet! This would emphasize the red/ purple armour, and be completely in line with the perfectness of the character. I painted the entire cloak spotless white first (lots of thin layers!!!), then  mixed some Fortress grey with just a teeny bit of Shadow Grey, made a wash of it, and only needed to paint the shades, using my own light as a reference. Damn, that is so easy :)

I'll have to add some intricate freehand designs on there later on. Not too flashy, just some rim work, maybe a big Slaanesh sign...I don't know yet...

Also did a few touch-ups on the skin here and there, where I felt the shades were too dark, or not dark enough. Small stuff...

maandag 23 januari 2012

Early WIP Sigvald

I got this model for my birthday a few years back - when it was just released - as a 'challenge' to paint it. At that time I was really into NMM so it was fitting.

But by the time I had the time to do it, I had seen so many variances of exactly the same thing, and all of them based on the GW White Dwarf example and tutorial. EVERYBODY painted this model in NMM gold. And yes, there were a few guys that did the model in freakishly weird color schemes, that I just didn't feel. So: I got bored of the model.

But then, all of a sudden, I was looking into my unpainted-models-section of my cabinet, and thought: "Hell, why not?" And thus: I am giving the model a go. In some freakishly weird color scheme, probably...

maandag 16 januari 2012

Arachnarok Spider finished!

It's finally done! I have completed the Arachnarok Spider!

Weeeeelll...maybe not entirely. While I was making the pics for this blog entry, I noticed some minor touch ups,  details and so forth I forgot or overlooked. Just a nuisance really, nothing an hour of work cannot fix. But all in all, I can safely say that it is ready for shipment.

Oh gods, shipment! I need to find a box big and sturdy enough for transport...:S

zaterdag 14 januari 2012

'Howda' you do?

The more I near the end of the Arachnarok Spider, the more frantically I am painting and enjoying this thing. 

I started to work on the goblins, but while I was waiting for a coat of wash to dry up, I thought I'd already do some prepwork on the spider's howda (yeah, the twigs-and-webs-basket on it's back). But the frenzy took over and I went on to finish it. I just mounted it on the spider's back, but not before I took some quick pics by daylight (didn't feel like setting up the entire photo studio again).
Hope to finish the gob's this weekend, or sometime next week...Enjoy!

maandag 9 januari 2012

Arachnarok Spider, and some fooling around...

I finished the spider-part of the Arachnarok Spider. I though I did earlier, but failed to remember the little spiders coming out of it's body, and a ton of other touch-ups and such.

I also started on the base. I wanted to do a 'standard' gound-and-grass theme, but thought that adding a bit of variation to the ground would spice it up a bit. So, with some added big rocks scattered around, and painting it in certain areas as rocky outcropping, this place could well be somewhere in the mountains, where forest and stone meet. Whaddaya think?

Besides that, I have also worked on my Black Templar Squad. Since the start I had this idea for the painting scheme, and after a good talk with a new painting colleague and creative and inspiring artist Damien Pedley (check out his gallery), I just had to try it out on a test model. I plucked out a random terminator model form somewhere, and worked on it. Now, this is merely to see if my theory would work, so yes: it can still be a lot neater and cleaner. But concusions are: it works. What's the theory? To paint the black armour, start from Catachan Green, and shade your way down to black...