maandag 10 december 2012

Reverend Moira done

Well, I finished the Reverend Moira. I have also been experimenting with lighting on my photo studio, the camera on my phone, and made a spinning reel below. Not too excited about the pic quality, but I'll get some pro pics taken later.

zondag 9 december 2012

Infinity: Reverend Moira

I needed a break from the very tedious wood grain on my Woodcron project. And mainly, I needed to 'oomph' up my skills a bit. I really wantd to go all out on a single model, and so chose to start work on an Infinity model.

This is a Reverend Moira model. I tried to somewhat copy the color scheme as seen on the Inifinity website. The black/purple/eggplant colored suit was pretty hard to copy, but I went with the punches. I still think it's  a really cool color.

As I went along, painting her this week (still need to finish the base though!), I was positively thrilled to see myself put so much effort in the details, in the smallest bits, in trying to 'do it right'. Just by working on this model - which is really a hell of a lot smaller and finer than ordinary Warhammer models - I have really learned a lot about my own patience, my drive for high quality, the ability to take as long as it needs to.
Now I am not saying that this is the very very best. Hell no, I still think some blends could have done better. But in general: learning curve gone up a notch! And I may very well have painted the best female face I eer did :)

woensdag 5 december 2012

Have a vote - STC & Secret Weapon contest

Just a quick note here. 

I have entered a "Chaotic" painting contest over at STANDARD TEMPLATE CONSTRUCT, sponsored by SECRET WEAPON MINIATURES. There are two votes to give: one for best painted model, and one for best converted model. Please have a look HERE for all entries. Mine is all the way at the bottom, but voting is done on the right side.

One note, please: Only use my model for voting on Best PAINTED, and not in the Best CONVERSION category, as I have not converted it at all. Give credit to those who deserve it!

If you vote for my model, then MANY MANY THANKS! If not, I say "Thank you" in name of STC and Secret Weapon.

dinsdag 27 november 2012

Necron Project part 5, a Masterclass, and a screwup has been a while...Doesn't it seem that all my posts start out like this? Hmmm... Anyway, I have been quiet for a while now, while I have certainly not been sitting idle. So, as a massive update, here's what happened. (And please excuse me for the hasty phone-taken pictures. Yeah...well...)

First of all, let me show you some progress on the Necron project - or like some like to call them: "Woodcrons". I  have finished the first unit of Immortals, which confirmed to me that this could definately start to look cool.

I also started on the Ghost Ark, which is really a big *^&%@ in the ass for painting, since it HAS TO be in parts to be able to reach everything. And in a LOT of parts! I am not done yet with that but it is taking shape.

In the weekend of November 10th & 11th I attended a two-day Painting Masterclass hosted by Mathieu Fontaine. And biy did I learn a lot. I practised a lot more with blending, and with the stern look of Matt over my shoulder I made sure to do my very best. But next to that, I was made far more aware of the importance of the right use of colors, composition and correct shadow placement. I feel that I have grown to a level where I am less concerned with pure painting techniques, and more with presentation of the model.

So naturally I had to work these new insights on other works, and so had to leave the Woodcrons aside for a while. So I took up a commission I hd lying around, that I was not too fond of doing really. Remember that Isabella Von Carstein model? The really ancient one? Well, I went on to do the Vlad on Carstein that came along with it. I put more thought into color use, where to place light, what shadow colors to use, and to be honest, I find this piece far better than Isabella.

I went on to create a base fot it, similiar in theme and style as the Isabella base, but far simpler. Which was not too hard. But then I went on to experiment with Ziterdes Water-Drops for water effects. And oh boy, did I make a mess of things. I spilled a bit over the tiles - but that is acceptable - but obviously I did not tie off the rims well enough to prevent leaking along the sides. And it is still drying (isn't this stuff supposed to dry within minutes?). While this is 'just' the base, which I can do over if need be, I have been a poophead while pouring in the water effect, because I forgot to remove the Vlad model from it, and guessed right: I spilled a bit on him too.
Luckily I have been able to wipe most of it off, and so I'll need to retouch it a bit. And it has been all on the backside. Pff...a bit of work and it's all gone.

So while my work is fully absorbing my time, I am finally pondering entries for the Golden Daemon, Lage Landen Schildercompetitie, and next year's Scale Model Challenge.

Oh yeah, and one more thing: I decided to absolutely dismiss all incoming requests for armies for commission painting. I do not enjoy doing it, and I hardly have the time do do my own, let alone someone else's. So there you have it!

maandag 15 oktober 2012

Scale Model Challenge

I have visited the Scale Model Challenge last weekend. Together with my new painting buddies (organized into the ''Lage Landen Schildervrienden" - or "Lowlands Painting Friends") Gerrie Schenck (Corvus Miniatures), Maartje Giesbers (MaGie) and Gert d'Hollander (Tyr), we installed ourselves behind a desk, painted a few models, and entered the painting contest.

Now to get a clear picture: this event originated from the military modellin hobby - so loads of WWII stuff, tanks, subs, aeroplanes and a *&^(*-load of German officers. In the six years since, the SMC has been able to attract even 'heroic scale' artists from over the world.
At this event, three of the Massive Voodoo team were present, as well as some other big names in the sculpting and painting world of historic figures that I have never heard of (but then again: I am horrible with names!).

Maartje coninced me to enter my Space Wolf duel into the painting competition. I had to place my piece into the 'vignettes' category, and after all models were present, I saw I was the only heroic scale model in the group. Yikes, it seemed so out of place!
Just to paint a picture: in ALL the categories, there were NO models that did not look awesome. Everything - literally EVERYTHING was of great quality. We noticed some Slayer Sword and Golden Daemon winners among other ategories, and still there was room for competition! So this painting event has earned my respect to the level of quality.

But then they started to hand out the medals, I was thoroughly surprised to hear my name after "...and a GOLD medal goes to...". WHAT THE H....??? Gold?

Needless to say that I was humbled and honored to achieve this award, and it has really fixed my mind again towards some great painting competitions next year. ONWARDS!

left to right: Maartje Giesbers, Gert d'Hollander, me (Pascal Rooze) and Gerrie Schenck

Even more good news: I have been working on Ar-Finiel (by Studio McVey), a model that I have been afraid of painting, in fear of ruining her. But then, all of a sudden, I painted the hll out of her. She's not nearly finished, but here are some WIP pics as previews. Not very good pics tho!

dinsdag 11 september 2012

Necron project - Part 4: Of workshops and clinics, and bases.

 I told you: baby steps. Man, my new job is demanding a lt of my time. So much so, that I hardly come to do some hobbying.

And then, when I do get to have a spare saturday, I plan a painting clinic in my local gamesstore. Now, I can here a lot of you say: Painting Clinic? What is that?
In the past I did some Painting workshops there, where I would be teaching some kids certain techniques, or generally how to paint. These always revolved around a certain theme (like 'NMM', 'Painting Tanks', 'How to do faces', etc). Now the thing is that if you just are not ready yet for some techniques, or the theme was not in your line of interest, you just didn't show up (or you'd be there wasting your time).

This time, I'd figure I'd have announced that I would be painting in the shop, and for any and all who would like, were welcome to join me. These kids could watch me paint, but more importantly, I'd help them out with whatever they were stuck with. And since it was their problem, on their level, in their interest, they'd know they wouldn''t be wasting their time.

It was a BLAST! There were ar more kids - and some older guys too - than I'd imagined. So I hardly came around to the bit where I would be painting myself. Instead, I was hopping around the place checking up on the progress here, giving some tips there, and generally making sure everyone got to learn something new.
I had a great time - it's always fun to see someone be amazed by what they can do themselves, if they just get the right push. I got some great  responses from the participants back, and I am sure I will be doing this again in the future. And I am sure those kids will be there as well.

As far as the Necron project: I managed to paint the bases for the first unit of Immortals, and the Tomb Blades, and also did the base color for the wooden armour plating bits.

And oh yeah: Look what I found a while back. These are dried bodkin leaves. Even though you could buy these in various colors on the net, I finally found a site near my work where this is just lying around there for  grabs. It's a bit of work to sift the leaves from the dirt, but nothing too hard. These will make great autumn dropped leaves on display basing, and it saves a bunch of cash!

zondag 26 augustus 2012

Necron Project - Part 3: small step for man...

Neil Armstrong has passed, rest his soul. And as he is taking the last giant leap man can take, I take my own personal small steps in the Necron project. I promised often but small updates, didn't I?

In order to be creative and spontaneous enough to create interesting, divers bases, I needed to do some doodling into the style of the forms of Necrons. Which meant drawing different parts from Necron models (mainly vehicles and such).

I soon found I had a bit of a grasp of what Necron style looked like, and I started to work some more on small bases for my first unit. I did the first ten this weekend. They still need some sculpting, finishing works and such, but the hardest part is done.

Well, about 30 small bases still to go...
Also, I did some preliminary painting on that first unit of Immortals. Nothing fancy yet just some metal and washes...

zondag 19 augustus 2012

Necron project - part 2: of Playmobil and basing

I want to give you guys some more regular updates on this; i.e. whenever I worked on it, I'll show the progress, however small or insignificant...

A couple of days a friend of mine gave me an idea for a relacement for the glow sticks in the Warrior's weapons (Gauss Flayers). I don't like them, it makes them look like Playmobil. Anyway, this friend said to replace them with thin metal wire, bent like a small lightning bolt of sorts. I made an sample of that and well, it was not bad.

But somehow I felt it made the weapon look...fragile. Thin. Hollow. I don't know. So this friend and I went back to discussing, and he showed me how he is going to use the Gauss weapon from the Annihilation Barge to replace the weapon on the Heavy Destroyer. That made me think: would it be possible to replace the Playmobil sticks for parts from the Immortal's Gauss Cannons? Today I did an experiment, and seeing it being a huge and yet simple succes, I converted all 20 of my warriors as such. I even replaced the underslung axe/blade/halberd for the blade from the Immortal's  weapon, and made the whole thing more menacing, and more in tune with the style of the rest of the army's weaponry.

Not only did I do these conversions, I also fumbled around a bit with some bases, and finished on the three 40mm bases for the Tomb Blades. The larger size is fun, as you can really take the thematics way further than on those tiny 25mm's. However: it is a hell of a job to do!

woensdag 15 augustus 2012

New 'Over My Head' project - Necrons

As faithfull followers know, I had my Dark Angels army up for sale a few weeks ago. In the meantime, they have been sold, and so I am left with an empty shelf, without a proper 40K army.

So I started to think about a new army. And since I was fed up with those damned Space Marine shoulderpads, I wanted something I had not done yet. Most great painters would immediately grab some Eldar models to test their skills on, but nooOOoo, not me!

In a funny mood, I thought up a ridiculous concept. Something that would make the guy at the other end of the table keel over just to look if he is seeing this right. And probably laugh his ass off. And then tell his friends about it.

I wanted to do a Necron army, that was made of wood...

Yeah, that's right: WOOD! Just try to imagine the talks I had, where friends encouraged me to do this. "Oh, and you know what would be fun? If you'd do...and maybe even..." People shouldn't encourage me like that, because soon after I acquired my first fuckload of Necron models. So much, that turning back now would not only be a waste of money, but would also make me look like a fool.

That said, I started planning this thing. I conjured up some semblance of an army list, where the looks of the models had priority over the effectiveness in game. I knew that I had to do a great job on the wood-likeness, because some stupid thing like this should be done properly and awesome, or not at all. Ever tried having people laugh WITH you instead of AT you with a ridiculous theme painted in a crap way?

So I did some testing on a single Necron Immortal. At first, I did this effect where the cracks of the wood were accentuated. Although the colorscheme looked good, I felt it was just not spot on. Friends and onlookers were divided in their opinions, which only confirmed to me that this was not the way to go.

I took a look back at a single model from the Wood Elf line years back, where I painted it's sword with wood grain. A really simple concept, but very effective. So I went back to the test model, and tried to recreate that. And I feel so much more content with this!

Now the basing is another problem altogether. First off, I thought that a nature-themed look would do good - actually simple sand-grass-leaves or something. But that felt tacky after a while. Another stupid 'way-too-much-work-for-such-stupidity' idea popped in my head: I'd do a Tech/ Cybertronian/ Necron Base Star/ Tron kind of thing. So with some quic work with plasticard and tubing, I created a great looking theme for basing. Although I painted the base three times over just to get the right look, the end result is fitting, exciting, and original.

...and so much work...

These are most of the needed bases during the very first step: a single layer of plasticard just to make it a smooth, flat surface. Still needs some different levels, tubing, details, gizmos, and what not. Oh, and putty to smooth and even out the rims.
I figured I needed to do the bases first, as I figured painting the bases with the models on would prove to troublesome. Which means that I will not even have an unpainted army to game with - it will be playable only when finished!

Damn...what did I get myself into now?

Stay tuned for more on this project as I progress...slowly...