dinsdag 29 november 2011

Legion of the Damned, and Skaven!

Wow I have been busy! I finished not only that first Legion of Doom squad, but even managed to do the entire second squad as well. Pics of those below. I managed to agree with this customer to have the tanks and dread for this army donee by my Winged Brush friend Gert (Tyr), so I will have my hands free for the Arachnarok Spider that must be done by February. Enough time I should think?

In the meanwhile, I will be painting for a local painting competition in Zwolle by the end of this week. I decided to use my skills on one of my Skaven models that I was eyeing a lot - and also thanks to Gert! It is nearly finished now, and I am really thrilled about it. I just applied the water effects, and I hope it dried transparently by the end of the week...!
I'll have pics up of that model after the event, but here's a preview as well!

maandag 7 november 2011

Legion of the Damned, Part 4 - plus some extra's

I finished the first five models for this commission, and it gave me a good idea what to expect for the rest of the models. Anyway, here are some pics...and below those, something extra!

At the same time I shot the pics above, I decided to do some decent ones of the UK Golden Daemon model, the Dark Angel Veteran. Here they are!

zaterdag 5 november 2011

Legion of the Damned, part 3

It took a few hours to paint the latetst updates. I did the last hightlight on the Bleached Bone parts with Skull White. Then the metal parts are quickly done with Boltgun Metal and a black wash. I'll have to do the highlights on those later on with Chainmail Silver.
Then I got to the fun stuff: the flames.
First off, a quick ouline in Mechrite Red.Then I layered with subsequently Blood Red, Blazing Orange, Fiery Orange and Golden Yellow. The final highlights are done with a mix of Skull White and Golden Yellow, and a very, VERY steady hand.

Next up: final details like Squad markings, pouches, etc., and finally the base...neary done, these first five...!

dinsdag 1 november 2011

Legion of the Damned, Part 2

After yesterday's sweating on the blackness of the armour, I continued on the skull-colored parts of the models: the Imperial Eagle on the chest, the helmets, the exhausts from the backpack, all skulls and seals, and one kneepad.

I started with a coat of Calthan Brown. I applied a wash of Devlan Mud, to 'fade' de edges into shadows.
Next steps were as follows:
- Snakebite Leather
- Desert Yellow
- Bleached Bone

I still need to do a final highlight with pure White, but the effect already shows.

Next up later this week: Metal parts (easy enough), the flames, and all other details...