zondag 30 oktober 2011

Starting on Legion of the Damned

Wow - I have been insanely busy with studies and work (or: getting fired :P), and I am glad to be able to hold a brush in a long time. I have been preparing for a big commission job for Winged Brush Co.: a Space Marine army in Legion of the Damned colors, which entails about 50 models on foot, a Dreadnout and 2 tanks (I passed the tanks and dread to my associate Gert (Tyr), who's really good in doing tanks - perhaps we'll see his work on those on his blog later on?).

First off I did a quick (REAL quick) color test to see how the scheme could be painted in a fair quality, but would not take too much time. I found out tht mailnly the black armour would prove the challenge - as black always will!
The customer had sent me standard Marines models only. The flaming patterns would not be difficult, but getting the skull-theme into those models needed some looking in to. I decided to paint all helmets, exhausts on the backpack, the eagle on the chests and one of the kneepads in a bleached bone scheme, which turned out pretty darn good, if I may say so.
Now beware: both the picture, as the paint job is not overly well done, but it was only to see how things would look:

The customer was satisfied with this first 'sketch', so today I finally went and started on the first 5 marines.
I started with basecoat Black. Especially for this job, I purchesed Valejo's Charcoal Black, a great off-black color, for the black armour. I went for a kind of zenithal highlighting approach, and did a first layer of Charcoal Black + Chaos Black. The next layer was pure Charcoal Black. Then I mixed Fortress Grey with a bit of Charcoal Black, and roughly did some edge lining and final hightlighting.
When that was dried, I added a Blue Wash coating over the entire model - something I did not do on the test model. Blue makes the black so much more richer, and deeper, and really worked for me here.
After the wash had dried, I used pure Fortress Grey for some final edge lining and extreme highlights.
Here's the result: left the painted model, right a model in base coat only.

That's probably as far as I'll get today, as there is still studies awaiting me.
Tomorrow I'll do the bone parts, and maybe even metals. Hell, I'll see how far I'll come!

maandag 3 oktober 2011

Current status: busy as hell

I promised to have some picture up of my Golden Daemon entry, but I have been a lazy f*ck. Instead, I'll post a picture from www.fullrepent.fr, who made this great picture:

Also, I have been quite busy with commission painting business (Winged Brusj Co.). Our first order - Warhammer Banshee and Wraith - have arrived at the customer, and got a great response on that! That same customer now want us to do some Dark Eldar models (Court of Archon), and more notably have a Arachnarok Spider from Orcs & Goblins painted in high quality (probably for display purposes). That's gonna be a tough job!

To top it off, I have received a shipment of Space Marines, which is the biggest part of an army of another customer, who wants me to paint it all in a Legions of the Damned-like scheme (after much debate on color schemes!). The entire army could use some filing and cleaning, but it should be do-able.

And yeah, after the Golden Demon I started brainstorming on entries for next year. Not only for the Golden Demon, but also the Lage Landen (Lowlands) Competition in the Netherlands. Got loads af ideas, most of them rubbish, but at least one idea keeps on sticking in my brain...but that's still gonna be a surprise.

Thanks to a recently acquired new friend (whom I got to meet in Birmingham) Loler from the Brush Brothers, I got aware of a Polish painting contest 'Huzzar', which looks really awesome as well. Maybe next year...? (By the way, Loler: awesome paintjobs on those models. I LOVE 'EM!). Should be a 6-10 hour drive from where I live, find some good lodging, and it could be another roadtrip :D I do so love road trips...

So next to the imminent unemployment and job-searching, and my studies, there's more than enough work to do...