woensdag 30 maart 2011

CMON Annual 2009

WOW! How cool is this? Cool Mini Or Not have just announced their release of the CMON Annual 2009. And what do I find in the list of artists? Have a look (and no: this is not a trick ;) )

I guess you just have to buy the annual to find which model it is they used :D. 

dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Lage Landen painting contest Part III

I have seen and downloaded the pics of my models as they have been fotographed on scene. They are more gorgeous than I could have done, so I thought I'd share them here. Unfortunately there's no pic of the Dark Elf Dreadlord yet, it failed somehow. Maybe later. Enjoy!

zondag 27 maart 2011

Lage Landen painting contest Part II

Oh...My...God...That was one overwhelming win in Antwerpen. First of all: I set a sure record of participating in the most categories at once. But: quantity does not mean quality. In this case however, I brought home a total of FOUR first places, and three Second/ Third places:

Warhammer Single - Ikit Claw - First place
Warhammer Regiment - Mordheim Gang - First Place
Warhammer Monster - Daemon Prince - First Place
Large Model - Screaming Bell - First Place
WH40K Regiment - Killzone IG - Second Place
Open Category - Dark Elf Dreadlord - Second Place
WH40K Single - IG Captain - Third Place

I gathered a few 'Antwerpians' weren't too happy of me and my pals showing up there. In a way, I feel sorry for them, I may have taken the contest away from them. then again: These were preliminary rounds, so in the end they would not have made the cut anyway.

So, now I have to show up on April 10th in Amsterdam to compete against the best of all GW Stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. Gonna be a tough competition but that is what I was expecting in the first place. I will not enter the 2nd/ 3rd place models - if they did not make it locally, they  shouldn't make it nationwide, right?

The GW Store has made some awesome pics of all models, and I should be receiving those soon enough. I'll post them here ofcourse but all entries will also be made public on all GW Store's Facebook pages.

Special felicitations to my pal Gert (tyrsamurderofravens.blogspot.com), who has won 40K Single. Great banner pal! You deserved it!

vrijdag 25 maart 2011

Lage Landen painting contest

Tomorrow - March 26th - the Dutch and Belgian GW stores are hosting the preliminary of the new painting competition for the Netherlands and Belgium ('De Lage Landen'), which should probably be of equal status as a Golden Daemon competition in the making. So, as kind of a joke, and mostly as a try out, I've let myself be persuaded by some good friends to join them and enter in a few categories. Now they have had time to paint one or more models especially for this competition, but I am not so blessed with spare time, so I have to make do with whatever I have ready. Most of it is painted in a more-than-great-tabletop quality, where I think that they'll probably don't make any chance in this kind of competition, but a few are pretty much up there. So, it will be a gamble to see how it goes. But in the end it is the experience and fun of partipating that counts, and to get a hint of what quality painters the Low Lands are housing these days. Could I be up there too? If only....

These are the models I plan to enter (no pics though. Browse my older posts...):

Single 40K model: Imperial Guard captain 'white coat/toxic waste' theme
40K regiment: Imperial Guard 'Killzone' theme
Single Fantasy model: either Dark Elf Dreadlord, or that one goes to Open Category and I'll enter Ikit Claw
Fantasy Regiment: Shadow Warriors Mordheim Gang
Fantasy Monster: either Daemon Prince or Chaos Lord on Juggernaut (can't decide)
Large Model: Screaming Bell

I'm placing my best bets on the Mordheim gang, the Dreadlord and the Juggernaut. And maybe even the Daemon Prince...

To be continued!

zaterdag 19 maart 2011

Ar-Finiel - Studio McVey

STudio McVey creates such wonderfull models, and this one - already sold out - I fell in love with from the moment I saw her, and I just HAD to have her.

I have kept her unpainted because I was afraid i would do her no right if I painted her. But I have decided to give it a go - how terrible could it get, right?...ahum!

Anyway, I had thought of doing a pale, blueish skin, to give her a more fantasy feel where anything is possible. At first I thought of doing a winter version of the model, but I quickly sidestepped that. Now I just see where it goes as I go along.

I have only done the skin, hair and glove, as I am still figuring out how to paint the dress. The dress will make or break the skintone, so it is imperative to get it right.
As usual, these pics are crude, but they'll give a good view of where it is going. Comments are always welcome!

zondag 6 maart 2011

Skaven Blog - part 11: Ikit Claw

It has been a long time since I sat down and done some good painting. I have been so overly busy with work and school that I could hardly find the time and peace to set my mind to it. But with snippets and little pockets of time I managed to get some work done. this weekend I have been able to take some good quality me-time and decided to finish this modl I was working on. A couple of friends even persuaded me to enter the new GW painting contest 'De Lage Landen' so I decided to up the game a bit and paint it for that occasion. It may not win, but I bet I'll get some ooh's and aah's...I hope :P
You decide and tell me what you think!