zondag 30 januari 2011

Dark Eldar Reaver

I had the oppportunity to paint one of the new Dark Eldar reavers for the local games store, and since a good friend of mine has als put his raider up for show on his blog (Murder of Ravens), I felt I had to show off mine too.

I wanted to do somthing like the glowing lines as in TRON, so the blue gllows are visible in lots of ways. An old White Dwarf magazine had shown me how to paint an Eldar Wraith Sword, and this is exactly what I used on the glows, and the rear wings/ blades.

Hope u like!

GW Daemon Prince

These pics have been on the net for a while already so it is about time I put them here on my own blog as well.
I got to paint the local gamesstore's preview model of the new Daemon Prince. It was really fun to do. At first, I wanted to make it a real quick job since I really did not have the time to do it, but the farther I got, the more I DID want to make it a great paint job. Halas, the indecision shows in the paintwork a bit, but none the less a nice effect on the various parts.
I already did get some good critisism, but also weird ones, like: although the paintjob was good, a lot of people didn;t like the sculpt itself. Man, I LOVE this model!

Dark Elf Painting Contest

I had this idea for a painting contest, and made sure the local gamesstore set it up. The store picked one model, that every contestant has to paint to the best of their abilities. I was thrilled to see that it attracked so many participants!
The contest is almost over - models should be sent in by end of this month - and I have worked my ass off on it, but I am done.
When I saw the model for the first time, I found the staff/ blade he's holding somewhat fitting for a man of the cloth, so to speak. Yet, the original shield would contradict that. Therefor I left out the shield, and decided to improve on that theme a bit. One image that came to mind was that of depictions bisshops with a staff and a ball, icons of his status. That was what I wanted, and added the Dark Eldar hand. I though it would add to the fantasy-feel to have the ball float above his hand, and pinned it into his elbow - you can hardly see it!
To get some extra points in the competition, I thought about doing some Original Light Sourcing (OSL), but with two sources: one would be a bright light from the ball, and one would be from the lava base. In the end, I did not put so much OSL effect from the ball as I intended, but i think I did right by that. I might have made the lava and it's glow a bit brighter though!
In the end, looking back, I think the model has been really great to paint, although I did have my doubts in the beginning.
The last pic is a better taken one of my entry in the Dark Elf Painting Contest - which by the way I won...YAY! Too bad there's only this one pic though. 

Skaven Blog - part 10: Vermin Lord painted

Phew! It took me some time, but I got this model finished. It has really been a head-breaker on occasion. I was having real troule with the fur, as I wanted it to be full, lush and not just ordinary black. I had to do it over twice!
I am particulary satisfied with the bracers. I had the idea of doing them like I did, but wasn’t sure it would work until I finished the piece. I think it works well :D

Skaven Blog - part 9: Vermin Lord

Man did I have a blast with this one. Here’s the deal: ever since I first saw the new Daemon Prince model - about two years ago presented in the current Chaos Army Book - I KNEW I would be using that to convert it to a Vermin Lord. So when the model finally was released, I instantly bought it, and had a go at it for three consecutive days. Because I knew that once I would stop for a pauze, it would grind to a halt. So, I finished in one go - that is, the sculpting and converting part.
First off, I was glad I have kept a spare old metal Vermin Lord head in my bitz box, so that had to be mounted on. That was a doozy. Then I wanted all the chaos-runes removed, which proved a bit more work. Filling in the gaps in his chest, arm greaves and removing the works on the leg plates was tedious work.Then puttying back on Skaven runes was fun. then for the big haul: sculpt large masses of fur on the model. I have always been told that fur was very easy to sculpt, but have never really done it (no, really!), but it was amazingly simple! All it took was time.
The part I am most proud of though is the Doomglaive, which I created from scratch. I used a simple plastic rod as a base, then worked all around that. I actually had a different blade, but that proved to be too big and completely out of proportion.
Hard parts were sculpting on the nipples, where exact placing is crucial, and the extra rims on the arm greaves, which had to be done really tight.
As I write this, I have already started painting the beauty, and decided to link it to the Storm Vermin style, so it is going to be a black-furred, greyish skinned Vermin Lord, which will make it the more menacing I hope. Here you can see how I painted the skin tone.

Skaven Blog - part 8: Plague Priest & Screaming Bell

I thought I'd share some very overdue WIP pics, that I have had lying around. These pics have been made with my iPhone, son lights and quality are a bit off, but I assure you that the final pics will be much, much better.
The Plague Priest I am also using in a fun painting contest on Battle reporter.com. I used the Plague Furnace priest model, but added a book from the Plague Monk sprue instead of the usual incense burner.
Like I said: it is still WIP, although the painting is done here. I only want to add the water effect and then it's done.
Also you'll see some views of the Screaming Bell, which by the way is completely done, but again: still need to get some good shot from that. In these pics, the Grey Seer on top is not yet finished, so as a tease: you'll see him in the final pics :D
Really had a blast painting it, even though it really is a monstrosity to work on. I really went all-out on it, it will be one of those very catchy centrepieces of the army.

Skaven Blog - part 7: Clanrats & Censer Bearers WIP

I have not been sitting idle. I finished the first few Clanrats (although the banner is not yet finished, and I have not yet added the water effects of the sewer canal), and it is giving me a clear view of how the army is going to look like. I like it!!!
A lot of the scheme has been invented on the spot - the fur, the armour, the eyes, the base - and some things I could use from what I did with the Doomwheel - the reds, the skin, etc. It was really cool to paint like this, it feels completely different from what I am used to.
Furthermore I have been working on the Censer Bearers, which I wanted to convert from the plastic Plague Monks, to fit better with that unit - if you have ever taken a good look at the metal ones, you know what I mean! It is looking great, with the arms of Empire Flaggelans, but I feeel I need to add some more...story, fluff, character to the models. I'll see what I can come up with next...